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The countdown has started, at the time of this writing there are only 27 days left till we take the first hand out of the board at the WBT Masters in Copenhagen. There will be good Danish participation also and everyone is very excited to compete against so many stars of the game and welcome them to this beautiful city.

Among other things Copenhagen is known for the quality of its restaurants. The restaurant scene has become very busy again after the lockdown era. If you value discussing all the day’s disasters and triumphs over a tasty meal and a nice glass of wine (champagne, okay I confess) as much as I do, it may be a good idea to start making reservations now. With so much to choose from, you may feel it’s a jungle out there. Let me help you!

Restaurants everyone talks about right now


This is a Cantonese restaurant by former head chef of Relæ, Jonathan Tam. It received a Michelin star just 6 months after opening. Wondering what Jatak means? Ja, tak is the usual reply from a cook to a head chef in Nordic kitchens meaning yes, thank you. There are no reservations available. Your best bet is to put yourself on the waiting list here If you do get in, I’ll join you!

Boutique Emilia

I had never even heard of this place until recently. It doesn’t have a Michelin star, but it is rumoured to serve the most incredible pasta. Demand for table reservations has gone up so much, they had to close down their pasta raw shop and take-away. To make a long story short: waiting list only. You can always try!

Enough trying, let’s move on to restaurants you actually can book. Here are some of our favourites in the city.


Frank is a place to go to when you want something a bit special, but don’t want to go Michelin-star crazy. It is tucked away in a little side street right by Copenhagen’s grande dame hotel, the Hotel d’Angleterre. It is a relatively small restaurant with an intimate setting and professional service. If you don’t know what wine to choose, let the sommelier do the job. You can order à la carte, but I would recommend going for their 7-course menu. It is very good value and really not too much food, the portions are just right. Reservations:


Polly is Frank’s little sister in the Frederiksberg neighbourhood and a little bit more laid back, the dishes are a bit more straightforward. You can’t really go wrong with either place. Reservations:

Staying in the Frederiksberg neighbourhood you may want to check out Anarki This is a real feel-good place spreading Danish hygge and serving, let’s call it modern Nordic comfort food. If you are into wine, the wine list here definitely will not disappoint you. Reservations:

Speaking of wine if you are the type hoping to dig out a treasure in the wine cellar of a restaurant that everyone in the know wants to keep a secret, Enomania is the place for you As to food there is a 5-course Italian menu, where you can choose any number of dishes you like. Very limited, but always delicious. If you want this, you better hurry. There is still some availability left for 4 on October 11, 12 and 14. Reservations:

If you are willing to splurge a bit you can do so just a bit further down the street at Formel B They have had a Michelin star since 2004 and serve solid gourmet food. What about the wine? 2 ½ years ago thieves broke a hole into the wine cellar from the neigbouring property and stole about 60 of the best bottles. They knew what they were doing. Reservations:

Let’s move to the neighbourhood of the playing site, where Roy and I happen to live, Christianshavn. One of our favourites is Kanalen

You will be hard-pressed to find a more charming and romantic setting, right on the Christianshavn canal. If you go, order the papadums with truffles for the table to share, while deciding what else to have. Heaven! There are lots of smaller dishes to choose from, which you can either selfishly eat yourself or share with the table. 6 minutes walking from the NH-Hotel. Reservations:

Ah, Cafe Wilder! The incarnation of a neighbourhood place, our go-to place. Always makes you feel at home. They serve solid Danish bistro food. If you go, tell them the guy that always used to order the burger without bun sent you and they will make sure you feel very welcome. Speaking of the burger, unfortunately a new chef has arrived and the burger that used to come with lettuce, onion, tomato and cucumber now gets served with cornichons, caramelized onions and crispy sauerkraut. But the soul of the place hasn’t changed. 4 minutes walking from the NH-Hotel. Reservations:

Probably the best Latin American food in the city: Donda Every time I walk by when the restaurant is open, a party seems to be going on inside with everyone having a great time. 2 minutes walking from the NH-Hotel. Reservations:

If you want to just jump out of the playing room at the NH-Hotel, feast on some solid Italian fare and then roll right into your hotel bed, Rufino Osteria is your place, kitty corner across from the hotel Seating is on communal tables or high chairs. Be sure to make a reservation. We have never been able to just walk in, always booked solid. Reservations:

Back when I moved to Copenhagen people were reluctant to admit they lived on Amager. That definitely has changed. It is now an up-and-coming neighbourhood with restaurants to prove it including one of our favourites: Toto Vin Bar

They have a Cote de Boeuf on the menu which needs to be ordered at least 2 days in advance by email Reservations: