General Conditions of Contest

These are the GENERAL CONDITIONS OF CONTEST for all online tournaments in World Bridge Tour events Champions Cup and Challengers Cup under the auspices
of the World Bridge Holding AS.

1. General Conditions of Contest

World Bridge Tour (“WBT”) will load the pre-duplicated boards on the system and invite every member to the pertinent Team Match.

Results and butler scores will be available on this site and

Scoring system in use will be the WBF Victory Points.

Players are required to be logged in to BBO 10 minutes previous to the starting time of the match. Teams will be composed of a maximum of 10 players.

2. Conditions of Entry

Participation in all WBT Events is only for WBT members (all players on the team required to hold a WBT Membership).

3. Conduct, Fair Play and Sportsmanship

Our rules regarding Sportsmanship Policy and Fair Policy apply to all WBT events. The policies can be found at this link:

4. Length of Matches

10 board matches: 1 hour 15 minutes
12 board matches: 1 hour 30 minutes
14 board matches: 1 hour 45 minutes
16 board matches: 2 hours 00 minutes
24 board matches: 3 hours 00 minutes

Average Time per Board for longer and shorter matches: 7,5 minutes.

Tournaments are clocked and Teams judged guilty for slow play will be subject to penalty.

5. Policies, Codes and Regulations

1. Alert Regulation

a) Players alert their own bids and write their explanations in the «alert box» before they bid (and not just alert).

b)  Your opponents are entitled to know whatever your partner knows about your bid. This includes a specific agreement, style, but not what you actually have in your hand or that you and your partner are having a mix-up. (Ex. Range of 1NT opening should be alerted unless it shows 15-17 hcp).

c)  Online there is no difference between an alert and an explanation. Whether you believe your bid should be alerted or not, you should fully explain it.

d)  Whenever you make a bid about which you believe your partner has information that does not come from general bridge knowledge, you should type a clear, concise explanation of the meaning of your bid in the alert box.

e)  If you want more information about an opponent’s bid, whether it was explained or not, you should send a private message to the opponent who made the bid asking for clarification.

f)  Requesting information may be made at any time; at the time the bid is made, when the auction concludes, or any time during the play. Information shall be requested via a private chat between players involved and not to the Table.

g)  When players explain their bid(s) via chat they should set the recipients to Opponents, not Table, so that only opponents can see the explanation. The best way is to explain the bids via the BBO alert mechanism.

2. System Policy & Convention Card

a)  Systems Policy: Forcing Pass Systems, Random Openings, HUMs, and Encrypted Signals are prohibited.

b)  Players can’t consult their system cards or notes between the start of the auction period until the end of the play. Exception: players may consult their defense notes vs 2d multi-opening.

c) Psychic Bidding: psychic conventional opening bids are forbidden.

d) Convention Cards are mandatory in these events. Convention Cards shall be submitted to World Bridge Tour, as early as possible.

3. Undos

a) Undos: are allowed and encouraged especially in case of:

  • a mis-click, but not due to inattention,
  • misinformation or lack of information.

b) If an undo is refused a player may challenge the refusal of an undo by calling the TD to the table. In such a case, play shall stop immediately. TD will assess the situation and make a final ruling.

c) Any undo request made when there is no logical bridge explanation for the bid made or the play of card made shall be accepted.

A couple of examples to illustrate: Playing towards AQ and the K is played in second hand and you click the Q, or passing 1 NT – 2H as a transfer bid.

4. UI

a) Hesitations breaking the tempo of play forces hesitaters partner to consider if UI has been passed and act accordingly. However, shorter hesitations made in less than 5 seconds that would pass UI in face-to-face events are to be ignored as not being bridge related.

b) In cases when the interpretation of the Laws is unclear the Head Tournament Director should consult the WBF Laws.

c) Players taking advantage of break of tempos must expect to be ruled against. Break of tempo can be established before the regular 15 seconds.

5. Qualification, Carry-Over and Right to select opponent

Tie positions in qualification will be determined by the following priority:

  1. Scored VPs between the tied team(s).
  2. Total VPs against the other teams qualifying for the Semi-Finals.
  3. Net IMPs in the Round Robin.

In events with Quarter Finals top 8 teams will qualify for the Knock Outs.

Quarter Final setup:
Team 1 vs Team 8
Team 2 vs Team 7
Team 3 vs Team 6
Teams 4 vs Team 5

The highest ranking teams will, for the knock-out, stages start with 0,1 IMP Carry-Over.
In events with Semi-Finals top 4 teams will qualify for the Knock Outs.

Semi-Final setup:
Team 1 vs Team 4
Team 2 vs Team 3

The highest ranking teams will, for the knock-out stages, start with 0,1 IMP Carry-Over.

6. Substitutes and Forfeits in Team Tournaments

Team substitutions may only be made after 50 % completion of a match/session. We encourage teams to make as few substitutions as possible. If a team is unable to produce four players, either at the start of a match or during the match due to an emergency the Tournament Director, in consultation with the captain of the team, may designate a substitute to complete the team.

7. Slow Play and Un-played Boards

The Tournament Director may remove un-played boards if a delay in finishing the match will interfere with the smooth running of the competition. An assigned adjusted score will be awarded to each board that has already been played in the other room.

8. Ruling and Appeals

WBT tournaments will be played with the utmost respect towards the players and the organizer. WBT will provide the tournament with a Tournament Director for circumstances that require a ruling. If scores are adjusted there will always be an explanation by the Tournament Director.

Tournament Directors ruling is final and cannot be appealed.

9. Agreement to abide by the Conditions of Contest

Entering or being accredited to attend an WBT Tournament means that everybody concerned with such entry knows and agrees to abide by these General Conditions of Contest.

Appendix 1 – WBT Masters

The following conditions apply to WBT Masters contests, in addition to the general conditions above:

Conditions of entry

Participation in WBT Masters is limited to 16 teams. Teams among the 16 top teams in the Champions Cup Rankings do have a guaranteed entry right. If available spots the organiser will issue Wild Cards with priority among the teams in 17th – 21th position in the rankings, and after that based on the organisers sole consideration.

Qualification, Carry-Over and Right to select opponent

Top 4 teams in the Round Robin qualify for the Semi-Finals.

The winner of Round Robin selects their opponent in the Semi-Final among the teams ending in 3rd and 4th position.

The highest ranked team in the semi-finals are guaranteed a carry over of minimum 0,1 IMP and a maximum of 16 IMPs. Carry over will be calculated as 40 % of the match result in the Round Robin phase with the above limitations.

In the final the highest ranked team in the Round Robin will start with 0,1 IMP Carry-Over.